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Dr. Filippi

In practice now for more than 15 years, Dr. Filippi is board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and a graduate of Temple University, School of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Filippi has his private office in the lovely town of East Longmeadow and Mercy Hospital, Wound Care Center. Dr. Filippi has specialized in advanced wound care for years. He has said that, "wound care has become a very important part of his practice. Diabetic foot wounds are the leading cause of hospital admissions for diabetic patients. We all need to do better. There are serious health related consequences if we do not get our patients ambulating safely and quickly.

When asked, what is your favorite skill or what do you find most fun in your work?

"Biomechanical deformities are of interest to me. Bunions for instance and surgery to fix them. It may seem simple, saw a bone, move a bone, repair a bone. The challenge is that that bone interacts with other bone and soft tissue structures within the foot in a harmonious way and interacts with ground reactive forces. The attention is in the fine details and "thinking ahead." So the work is not just a structural repair, but also a fine mechanical change that will affect ones function and comfort for years to come."

Dr. Filippi is also an advocate of foot and ankle orthoses. He has said, "in many cases orthotic devices are very helpful; in some, paramount, in the treatment of certain foot ailments."

I don't know that I can summarize a single motto on how I hope to live my life or even run the ideal podiatric practice. I hope to continue practicing in a small, personal, community based way. I am not an advocate of the "supersized" practice, but I accept that this may become the absolute standard. Patients are not parts moving along on an assembly line and in my opinion, not simply customers that we should have impersonal relationships with. It ofends me that the doctor/patient relationship has suffered at the hands of other entities who make decisions that should foremost be made by the doctors and patients.

Efficiently, by giving an appointment in less than one week, within 48 hours if possible, same day for urgent matters, and treating efficiently in order to return the patient back to their regular lives.

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